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Omni Channel Logistics Management

Seamless efficiency through a centralised software

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Main Features of Omni Channel Logistics Management

Optimize your logistics management strategy with ease

Online and Offline Channel Integration

Seamlessly synchronize and oversee your sales channels in real time, guaranteeing harmonized logistics operations across all platforms. Effortlessly handle order processing, inventory updates, and shipment management through a unified central hub. This integrated approach mitigates the potential for mistakes, amplifies customer contentment, and paves the way for smooth expansion into fresh channels – both online and offline.

Distributed Order Processing

Streamline order management from various sales channels through a unified platform. Consolidate incoming orders, track their status, and efficiently allocate them for fulfillment. This feature ensures consistent order processing, reduces manual effort, and enhances the accuracy of order fulfillment.

Inventory Synchronization

Maintain consistent inventory levels across all sales channels and warehouse locations. Automated synchronization prevents overselling and stockouts by updating inventory in real-time as orders are received and fulfilled. This helps you avoid disruptions, streamline fulfillment, and provide accurate product availability information to customers.

Shipping Optimization

Optimize your shipping processes by selecting the most suitable carriers, services, and shipping methods for each order. This feature considers factors such as destination, delivery speed, and cost to ensure efficient and cost-effective shipping. By choosing the best shipping options, you can enhance customer satisfaction and reduce shipping costs.

Demand Forecasting

By harnessing historical sales data, trends, and analytics, our demand forecasting feature enables you to anticipate customer demand and efficiently plan your inventory levels. This proactive approach helps you steer clear of excess inventory or stockouts, ensuring the availability of the right products when customers are prepared to make a purchase. This feature not only empowers you to make well-informed inventory decisions and optimize stock levels but also seamlessly integrates the option for customers to buy online and pick/exchange offline, bridging the gap between online and offline shopping experiences.

Returns Management

Efficiently manage returns from various sales channels through a unified process. Simplify the returns process for customers while efficiently processing returned items, updating inventory levels, and providing timely refunds or replacements. This feature enhances customer satisfaction and streamlines your reverse logistics operations. Additionally, online and offline operations are integrated, allowing customers to replace or exchange online-purchased items at physical stores.

Efficient Fulfillment

Automate and streamline the fulfillment process by optimizing order picking, packing, and shipping. This feature reduces manual errors, speeds up order processing, and ensures orders are delivered accurately and on time. By enhancing fulfillment efficiency, you can provide a better customer experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Access valuable data and analytics to gain insights into your logistics operations. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), track order processing times, analyze shipping costs, and identify areas for improvement. This feature empowers you to make data-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customizable Workflows

Tailor your logistics processes to match your unique business needs. Create customized workflows that define how orders are processed, inventory is managed, and shipments are fulfilled. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing business requirements and optimize your logistics operations.

Multi-Warehouse Support

Efficiently manage inventory across multiple warehouse locations. Distribute stock strategically to minimize shipping costs and delivery times. This feature enhances inventory visibility and control, enabling you to optimize stock allocation based on demand and geographic considerations.

Real-Time Tracking

Track shipments in real-time across all sales channels. Provide customers with up-to-date tracking information, reducing inquiries and enhancing transparency. Real-time tracking improves customer satisfaction and builds trust in your logistics processes.

Integrated Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports that provide insights into your logistics performance. Monitor key metrics, such as order fulfillment rates, shipping costs, and inventory turnover. These reports enable you to identify trends, make informed decisions, and continually improve your logistics operations.

End-to-End Visibility

Gain complete visibility into the entire logistics journey, from order placement to final delivery. This feature allows you to track orders, monitor inventory movement, and oversee fulfillment processes at every step, ensuring a smooth and transparent logistics experience.

Automation for Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks within your logistics operations, such as order processing, inventory updates, and shipping label generation. Automation improves efficiency, reduces manual errors, and frees up resources to focus on strategic initiatives, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

Winning customers

A&O's comprehensive solution ezCommerce worked wonders when it came to full-fledged integrations.

Adil MacheswallaCEO SpeedSports Exclusive Nike, Underarmour Distributors- Pakistan

In an ever evolving business environment, omni channel approach - specially online presence - has become inevitable for growing a business. Progressing along the same lines, idsMed has expanded its business to online ecommerce marketplaces in five key markets, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines. We partnered with Axle & Olio as our eCommerce enabler to launch our products across 5 markets starting with Lazada and Shopee. From registration, to launching to growing our online presence in these 5 countries A&O's team has been an integral part of this initiative. The A&O team made much effort in understanding our requirements and customizing the solutions to our needs, which is important in a business partner. Hence, we would recommend A&O to organizations requiring a partner in the eCommerce space

Joey LeeSenior VP – InnoQ APS Unit

Our partnership has been a great success and we see it going beyond the USA to other territories and other lines of business.

Christophe DessallesGlobal MD - adidas Combat Sports/ Double D

We are thankful for their continued support and the hard work they have put in making our business a success.

Ali JaleelCEO/MD Philips Malaysia

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