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Multi Channel Listing Management

Seamlessly List, Grow, and Thrive Across Multiple Sales Channels

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Main Features of Multi Channel Listing Management

Empower your listings across all important platforms

Tailored Customization for Compelling Product Descriptions

Empower your product descriptions with our powerful visual editor or the option to import custom HTML code. Craft eye-catching descriptions that captivate your audience and highlight the unique features of your offerings, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Strategically Crafted Channel-Specific Information

Optimize your listings for each sales channel by tailoring your product data to their specific requirements. Seamlessly submit channel-specific data, including prices, titles, and descriptions, ensuring your listings are perfectly aligned with the unique expectations of each platform.

Elevate Appeal with High-Quality Images

Capture attention with stunning visuals. Integrate high-quality images into your listings to entice and engage potential customers. The visual allure of your products plays a crucial role in attracting interest and converting browsers into buyers.

Boost Sales with Product Bundles

Expand your product offerings strategically. Drive sales growth by creating product bundles that provide value to your customers while enhancing your revenue potential. Diversify your catalog and offer attractive bundles that meet varied consumer preferences.

Optimize Properties for Maximum Impact

Elevate your listings with enriched information. Optimize your product properties by submitting comprehensive and product-specific details. By providing customers with comprehensive insights, you enhance their trust and confidence in your offerings.

Ensure Accurate Stock Management

Minimize the risk of overselling or underselling. Our solution offers the capability to disable listings as stock runs out on a channel, and automatically reactivate them once the items are back in stock. Maintain seamless inventory control to keep customers satisfied.

Efficiently Expand with Bulk Listings

Extend your market reach swiftly. Capitalize on the power of bulk listings, allowing you to publish your entire product catalog across multiple sales channels from a central hub. This streamlined approach accelerates your engagement with new customers.

Simplify Updates with Bulk Management

Handle large-scale listing updates effortlessly. Manage a significant volume of listings by revising existing product information in bulk. Group similar listing templates together for efficient updates and consistent data management.

Harmonize Prices Across Channels

Ensure pricing consistency across diverse platforms. Our solution facilitates price synchronization, enabling you to update prices for all your listings across key sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify seamlessly.

Effortlessly Monitor Listing Status and Quality

Maintain listing accuracy and performance. Track the status of your listings across various sales channels, proactively addressing any issues that arise. Keep a close watch on listing statuses to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Winning customers

A&O's comprehensive solution ezCommerce worked wonders when it came to full-fledged integrations.

Adil MacheswallaCEO SpeedSports Exclusive Nike, Underarmour Distributors- Pakistan

In an ever evolving business environment, omni channel approach - specially online presence - has become inevitable for growing a business. Progressing along the same lines, idsMed has expanded its business to online ecommerce marketplaces in five key markets, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines. We partnered with Axle & Olio as our eCommerce enabler to launch our products across 5 markets starting with Lazada and Shopee. From registration, to launching to growing our online presence in these 5 countries A&O's team has been an integral part of this initiative. The A&O team made much effort in understanding our requirements and customizing the solutions to our needs, which is important in a business partner. Hence, we would recommend A&O to organizations requiring a partner in the eCommerce space

Joey LeeSenior VP – InnoQ APS Unit

Our partnership has been a great success and we see it going beyond the USA to other territories and other lines of business.

Christophe DessallesGlobal MD - adidas Combat Sports/ Double D

We are thankful for their continued support and the hard work they have put in making our business a success.

Ali JaleelCEO/MD Philips Malaysia

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