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The ezCommerce platform enables you to centralize and automate your product management, inventory management and order fulfillment for more than 100 integrations.

Use the data analysis module to gain unique insights and give wings to your omni-channel strategy.

Worried About Stock?

Managing, allocating, and redirecting stock or SKUs becomes that much more difficult with multiple stores, campaigns, and deals running simultaneously. EZCommerce integrates multiple channels and automatically updates the inventory with every sale on any marketplace, online or offline. What you get is real information in real-time, all the time.

Got Campaign Headaches?

Different countries, various platforms, numerous seasonal events, and affiliates. They all demand a distinct pricing and listing strategy. While your revenues report a significant hike, so do your headaches. EZ Commerce gets rid of these headaches and presents a clear picture of every campaign and listing, regardless of the number of campaigns running concurrently.

Inventory Management Becoming Challenging?

Never run out of inventory or overstock ever again. EZCommerce will help you effectively manage inventory across all sales channels, drop shippers, and warehouses from wherever you are sans the tedious manual processes. Boost your efficiency quotient by making critical business decisions on marketplaces based on real-time data and forecast trends based on historical data.

Overwhelmed with Order Management?

More orders mean more revenue, but managing the orders can overwhelm you. From automatically directing orders to particular warehouses to connecting with logistics services and integrating with any platform imaginable, EZCommerce streamlines and simplifies the entire shipping process via intelligently managing inventory and routing orders.

Need Something to Integrate Multiple Channels?

We know that managing and optimizing different marketplaces, platforms, logistics services, drop shippers, and warehouses is a challenge unlike any other. EZCommerce integrates all the marketplaces and gives you a variety of tools and solutions to automate critical tasks and optimize the minutest details to boost your business’s overall performance.

Shipping Management Sinking You?

EZCommerce is the Marianas Trench of details. Don’t believe us? Try us! The solution we’ve developed is centered on presenting every actionable detail across market places, retail channels, warehouses, campaigns, listings, and products. The only limit is your requirement. If you can think of an insight, rest assured that EZCommerce will dig it and present it for you to act on it.

Not Getting Actionable Insights?

From giants such as eBay and Amazon to standalone stores, local marketplaces, and retail channels, EZCommerce seamlessly integrates with major platforms, technologies, fulfillment centers, and FBA, automating workflows and presenting you a clear picture of all the happenings whenever you need it. This capability translates into speedy solutions for packing, picking, and shipping or happy customers.

Multi Integrations?

One reason why the brick-and-mortar model is facing a tough time is its inherent need for customers to visit the shop physically. Ecommerce, on the other hand, takes business to customer’s PCs, smartphones, and other gadgets, making it that much easier for customers to spend and convenient for businesses to earn.
However, the growth of ecommerce means a new sort of problem for businesses. The variety of platforms, technologies, marketplaces, retail channels, and shipping options makes it almost impossible to keep an eye on, let alone manage well.

Our Customers & Partners

Winning Customers

Read here how our customers use ezCommerce to win.

Christophe DassallesGlobal MD-Adidas Combat Sport/Double D

"Our partnership has been a great sucess and we see it going beyond the USA to other territories and other line business"

Ali JaleelCEO/MD Philips Malasia

"We are thankful for their continued support and the hard work they have put in making our business a success."

Adil MacheswallaCEO SpeedSports exclusive Nike , Underarmour Distributors- Pakistan.

"A&O's comprehensive solution ezCommerce worked wonder when it came to Full-fledged integration".