Multi-Channel Ecommerce Stock Management Easyfied!

List. Sell. Repeat. Keep running this growth loop without worrying about stock management. With EZCommerce tracking and providing a bird’s eye view of your stock in real-time, you’ll never have to worry about being under or overstock, unfulfilled orders, and losing revenue ever again.

Benefits You Get with EZCommerce

Don’t Do Difficult. Make it Easy!

The times of siloes are long gone. The world we live in is ultra-connected. Tech has enabled businesses to say bye to manual processes for good. The time to scale is now, and the tool to help you is EZCommerce. We know how difficult it gets to keep an eye on different retail channels with so much going on every moment.

EZCommerce gives you an upper hand by providing a central, entirely integrated stock management system. To put it simply, regardless of whether you are new to the ecommerce world, a few seasons old, or a pro, EZCommerce helps you grow your business with every passing day.

So, whether it’s about thousands and thousands of SKUs or just a few listings, a thrift shop or a branded store, an established name or someone just starting out, EZCommerce will make ecommerce stock management simplified, streamlined, & sleeker for you.

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Users Love it Easy!

Philips Malaysia ventured into the e-Commerce arena five years ago when online business in the country was still at its early stage of development. Having no experience or a team we started to look for partners that could provide us with an end and end solution. After much research and evaluation of various companies we finally settled for A&O. At that time our decision to go with A&O was a risk given that it was a much smaller entity with no major clients as a reference. Despite that we went with them because we were impressed by the management’s attitude and passion. They were out there to prove a point and to make a mark. The solution offered by them was technically robust and there was willingness to customize it as per our needs. This is something which A&O continues to do for us to this day. In hindsight I can safely say that they have not let us down and it was a good business decision which paid rich dividends to Philips Malaysia. Starting with setting up our official website to managing all our online official stores across all marketplaces A&O has been instrumental in making e-Commerce a major part of Philips Personal Health business. We are thankful for their continued support and the hard work they have put in making our business a success.

ALI JALEEL,CEO/ MD, Philips Malaysia & Pakistan

As a global manufacturing and distribution licensee of adidas Combat Sports, we embarked on our e-Commerce journey in North America by partnering with A&O last year. A&O has not only designed our adidas Combat Sports brand store in the USA, but has also launched our products across all marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Walmart. A&O takes care of it all – designing stores, listing and optimising product contents, launching campaigns, digital marketing to generate B2B and B2C sales and integrating the back office with our online shops using their own “ezCommerce” technology – while we focus on bringing the best of the best combat sports products to the market! Our partnership has been a great success and we see it going beyond the USA to other territories and other lines of business.

CHRISTOPHE DESSALLES, MD, adidas Combat Sport/DoubleD