Order Fulfillment And Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is expected of every online seller, and we ensure that you meet these expectations, so your customers will keep coming back. A&O provides your business with expert-level, multi-lingual customer service representatives who are available at any time of day to answer your customers questions, answer calls and follow-up with buyers on their experience. Thanks to our end-to-end support, you can rest easy knowing your customers are taken care of.

Pick, Pack and Ship

Once your company is grown, A&O helps you with your fulfillment process too! We are shipping specialists who streamline your ordering process, pick up your packages from the warehouse, pack them in presentable durable packaging and get them lined up for delivery on time.

24/7 Support

Our customer service representatives are available around to clock to handle your customer’s requests and keep your site active, even during odd hours. Never miss a sale thanks to our representative’s dedication and expertise. Our representatives are trained in speaking most local languages in addition to having fluent English to make sure your customers are always understood and provided with high-level support.

Real Time Chat

Top playing e-marketplaces have deployed chat facilities for customers to receive quicker & more human response as compared to generic machine answers. Our representatives train extensively on understanding your brand. With fast response times, product expertise and real human responses, you can effortlessly convert your visitors to paying customers.

Review Management

For most of the consumers, online reviews have a huge contribution about changing their minds about a specific purchase, focusing on the need for companies to maintain, manage, and respond to online reviews. At A&O, we take over your online review management and our proprietary software helps your business attract more and more reviews which in turn increases sales, alongside happy clients.

Inbound and Outbound Calling

Do some of your customers prefer calling to ask questions instead of chatting? No worries, we will take care of them. The A&O customer service team is equipped to handle calls on a variety of topics and are multi-lingual to ensure all your customers questions can be answered easily. Through partnership with your company, our team can handle complex product-related questions to ensure your brand is well represented. We also offer outbound call solutions to follow up with your customers on their experience and seek more professional opportunities.