eCommerce Technology Stack

Customized business & reporting dashboards enable real-time flow of information increasing efficiency.

Analytical Dashboards

Sales, Operations, Campaigns and Products Dashboards give overviews and in-depth looks at each aspect of your e-commerce stores, providing quick and simple insights on all channels. The dashboards are designed to be user-friendly, practical and beautiful. Drill down to the most detailed views with only a few clicks.

AI based Insights

Smart and accurate sourcing of products, whether for purchasing or for allocating stocks, is extremely important in preventing overstocking or understocking. ezCommerce will suggest what, when, how much and for which warehouse to purchase at any given point in time by considering historical purchase, sales, aging, stock in hand and campaign requirements. Keep inventory levels optimized by avoiding unnecessary storage fees while simultaneously ensuring you don’t go out of stock.

Multi-platform Integration

We are constantly updating our software to be integrated with more and more platforms everyday. ezCommerce integrates with marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada, Daraz and eBay as well as e-store platforms like Magento and WooCommerce. We also set up integrations with 3rd party warehouses and logistics systems such as iStoreiSend, SKUVault and ShipStation and couriers the likes of FedEx, USPS. ezCommerce is also integrated with CRM systems, so you can keep track of customer cases and returns.