Multi-Channel Ecommerce Campaign Management Easyfied!

With so many marketplaces, platforms, and retail channels to look after, it’s no wonder you don’t have the time to manage and optimize all your campaigns running concurrently. The end result is missed opportunities for a hike in sales, revenues, and ultimately, profits.

This is where ezCommerce comes in and acts as your trusty and all-encompassing lieutenant by helping you create, deploy, manage, and optimize all your campaigns from a single platform with a few clicks. Whether it’s adding new listings, updating prices, or launching deals, ezCommerce does it all and more in a way that’s simple and easy!

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Some Campaign Management Benefits You Get with EZCommerce

Take the Easy Way to Campaign Management!

Growth in ecommerce sales is majorly about using the multi-channel strategy to your advantage. Further complicating matters is the fact that affiliates, too, play a massive role in driving sales. This means customizing listings, pricing, and special deals as per the traffic, users, and platform’s requirements. Even saying all this isn’t very easy. Imagine the actual management!

With EZCommerce by your side, you get better control over your campaigns. From pricing strategies for different online platforms,to pricing update only after the approval; From ensuring that the deal pricing is reversed after a deal endsto knowing which online shops, skus, and platforms performed the best, you can make decisions based on real-time data and historical trends to optimize your campaigns in the shortest time possible. Translation: more conversions, more sales, and more growth of your business.

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